The elders of the Garden Community Church form the senior leadership of the congregation. Following a more Jewish model of biblical eldership (there are a variety of ways that church leaders are organized in the New Testament), the elders of GCC are literally “the fathers and mothers” of the church family. Like dads and moms in the natural family, they provide love, care, direction, and protection for the entire family and each of its members.

The elders oversee all financial and legal matters at the Garden. They either appoint or oversee the appointment of all staff. They serve for an open-ended term. Our elders meet once a month for a business meeting, and also once a month for a day spent together in worship, seeking God’s wisdom, and prayer.

Being an elder is both a calling and a process of qualification. The calling must be to care for every person at the Garden and for every ministry of the Garden with equal commitment and concern. The New Testament also sets out numbers of qualifications for elders with regards to spiritual maturity, moral conduct, home life, and love for the family of God (for a short overview, see attached pdf). At the Garden, many who are otherwise qualified to be elders feel more called to oversee a specific area of the church’s ministry with their available time, or do not yet have the capacity to commit to the responsibilities of being an elder. Both men and women can be called and qualified into eldership at the Garden. Some members of the pastoral team are elders, and this call to eldership is considered an even more primary call than their call to pastoral ministry.