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Give to The Garden

We appreciate the generosity and compassion of our family as we support each other through difficult seasons. At times, gifts are given where the giver indicates they would like their gift to meet a specific person’s need. As a non-profit, donors should understand that GCC cannot legally provide a receipt for a tax-deductible charitable contribution and also guarantee that the gift will go to a specific person designated by the donor. However, to date, 100% of all donations for which a preference has been indicated have been made available to the situation identified. Donations made in the process described above will be issued documentation for a tax-deduction.

In conformity with IRS Revenue Ruling 62-113, all donations to Garden Community Church (GCC) are considered to be the property of GCC and will be used at GCC’s discretion.  Any marking of a donation as pertaining to a specific missionary or other use is interpreted by GCC as a suggestion subject to the control and discretion of GCC.